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Monday, April 27, 2020

Parent Training Series

Melmark Parent Training Series 

We are excited to offer you group parent training sessions on a variety of topics each week via telehealth. Our goal is to provide practical information and tips for how you can apply the skills in your home. Please see training topics below.

Behavior Management: Preventing Behavior and Teaching Replacement Skills
Learn strategies for reducing the likelihood of challenging behaviors and how to identify what skills to teach that replace challenging behaviors.

Behavior Management: Making a Plan: Responding to Behavior
Learn strategies for responding to challenging behavior. Learn how to develop a plan for responding to behavior.

Activities of Daily Living: Structuring Leisure Time
Learn strategies to help your child engage in appropriate behaviors and enjoy leisure time.

Activities of Daily Living: Teaching Self-Care Skills
Learn strategies that will help you to identify what self-care skills you can teach at home and how to do it.

Activities of Daily Living: Encouraging Good Eating and Sleeping Habits
Learn how to set up routines that promote healthy eating and sleeping habits. Problem solve common challenges in establishing good eating and sleeping routines.

Instruction: Reinforcement and Prompting
Learn strategies that will help you to increase skills in your child and further their independence.

Instruction: Tips for Distance Learning
Learn strategies for setting up a home learning environment and routine that supports distance learning while also maintaining your family’s well-being.

Visual Supports: Creating and Following Activity Schedules
Learn to develop and use activity schedules to help support learning, skill development, and routines at home.

Visual Supports: Use of Visuals
Learn how visual supports can be used in a variety of ways at home to support learning and manage behavior. A variety of examples will be shown.

Communication Strategies
Learn effective communication strategies and how to support your child’s communication at home.

To Sign Up for Trainings: Link to Sign-Up for Parent Trainings

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